The Luminage™ Print Process

Luminage™ prints are produced using a CSI LightJet 5900 digital photographic printer. The LightJet 5900 uses high resolution RGB lasers to expose photographic print materials and offers the highest resolution color output currently available on the market.

The process involves "file direct" imaging, which eliminates the need to produce a color negative or transparency before prints are made. The process results in greater sharpness and resolution, more accurate color matching and quality and extended print life.

Luminage™ prints are available on two different photographic surfaces, glossy or matte.

Another important benefit of the Luminage™ process is significantly extended print life.  All prints are reproduced using Fuji Crystal Archive Digital Emulsion photographic paper.  This material has been rated* to a life expectancy of 60 years before appreciable fading is noticed.  This is the longest print life available on the market.

The Luminage™ process incorporates three new areas of technology:

  • Extended-life RA 4 print media
  • High-resolution RGB color laser exposure
  • Custom closed-loop color management

The result is a combination of color quality and accuracy, print longevity, resolution and cost that cannot be matched by any other process.

Analysis and rating by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.