Streetmurals On Display!

Lots of expansive activity over these past few months.  There are now more than a dozen pieces on display in public locations in the Broward County area!

Many thanks to Dr. Pablo Leon for making several rooms available at his office.  In addition to being a supporter of the arts, Dr. Leon runs an exceptional dental practice in Hollywood, Florida.

Extra special thanks to Carlo and Aude at the Hi-Life Café for providing a huge display area and for hosting a "meet & greet" for me on March 1st.  For years, the Hi-Life Café has been one of Ft. Lauderdale's best kept secrets, but the cat is now out of the bag!  Whether you're a local or just visiting the area for a few days, you should pay a visit to the Hi-Life Café for a taste of Chef Virgil Woodard's amazing cuisine and of course, to check out the stunning pieces on display!

When choosing matting and framing for the pieces to be publically displayed, I purposely went for simple and neutral in order to direct all of the focus to the spectacular images themselves.  Different tastes and decors will dictate your own personal matting and framing choices.  

Stay tuned for photo samples of pieces that are on display in public and in private residences!

John Fifield

May 2012


The Distinction Between Graffiti and Street Murals

Graffiti is actually the plural of the word "graffito," which is defined by Webster's dictionary as "a scribbling; a scratch; an inscription, slogan, drawing, etc., crudely scratched or scribbled on a wall or other public surface." The purpose of providing this definition is to make clear my own personal distinction between graffiti and what I consider "urban art," "street art" or "street murals." Essentially, between what I perceive as scratching and scribbling, and imagery that has genuine artistic content and value.

Even though the term "art" is entirely subjective and truly in the eye of the beholder, most people have no trouble seeing the vast difference between the imagery represented in photos offered on and the hastily spray painted designs and messages that can be found on the sides of buildings, highway signs, retaining walls, cars, etc. in virtually any city around the world.

Although street murals and graffiti are both valid forms of expression in their own right - though at very opposite ends of the spectrum - this site was created for the primary purpose of offering prints of work that contains genuine artistic value. In most, but not all cases, the original street murals that served as the basis for the images on, have long since been lost due to weathering from natural elements, defacement, or by replacement with new images. This site's secondary purpose is the preservation of some extremely fine street murals that would otherwise be completely lost.

John Fifield

January, 2012